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Bronze Whale - "Drive"

Bronze Whale, an indie-electronic duo hailing from Austin, Texas, is comprised of Aaron Jaques and Benny Alley. The duo got their start producing music in late 2011, and they have been up & coming ever since in the scene. They have an incredible talent for blending melodic beats with undertones that really pull the listener in to each of their tracks. Bronze Whale has made their mark in just two years in the electronic music scene, as they have been consistent in their delivery of not only remixes & successful collaborations, but emotionally wrenching original tracks as well. Their music is unapologetic in the way it fuses a multitude of genres together. The result of their fusion of genres has really created sounds that cannot be categorized. Bronze Whale's style is one that all music lovers can vibe with, because it is not specific to one genre or another.

All of that said, the duo has released their third original track & we're thrilled to share it with our readers. "Drive" is a track which pulls the wonderful elements of indie-dance, trap, and melodic EDM together. It's an interesting musical contradiction in that the track feels fast-paced & slow-paced at the same time. The track evokes the craving to relax and dance all at once. Press play on it and there's no doubt the intriguingly beautiful contradiction I'm trying to explain will be easier to understand. If you feel the urge to make this track part of your permanent music collection, check out Bronze Whale's Beatport page here.

Stream: Bronze Whale - Drive

Chillstep · Electronic · Experimental · Indie · Trap


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