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Exodia - "Eigengrau"

Toronto based producer Exodia has returned with a very creative and uncanny audio piece for us. This new creation is thirteen minutes long which at first glance may terrify but be rest assured it is worth listening to every minute. "Eigengrau" is a word that means dark light or brain grey. Exodia came across this word and became very intrigued by the meaning. He decided to craft his own audio definition of the word which resulted in this enchanting and brain-stimulating piece. 

The track is very calming and resembles what may come to mind when you think of the word "brain grey". The inclusion of sampled dialogue between kids discussing their fear of the dark add another dynamic to the piece which makes it even more interesting. Exodia is the brain child of hip hop producer Twigg who has landed placements with Chief Keef and Audi. This shows just how rich his musical pallet is and we look forward to more out of the box productions from the young producer.






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