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Pigeon – "Two Moon Love"

The Brisbane-based quintet Pigeons made a bit of a splash with their well-crafted brew of Daft Punk covers (six tracks in nine minutes). They’re following up their Fortunes EP with Settle In, which is set to release in February. 

“Two Moon Love” is the second single from this forthcoming EP. With the bouncing bass lines and warbling synth lead, you can hear the Daft influence—all cowbells, claps, and dance hooks transitioning fluidly into a verse of reverbed vocals and palm-muted guitars. The sound reaches deep into disco and dance, and the dynamic balance between rumination and ruination, the hushed verses and crushing choruses, make this track a great prologue and epilogue to your weekend ragers



"Two Moon Love"

  • 11/7/13
Dance · Disco


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