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Marian Hill – "Lovit" [Video]

The Philly duo Marian Hill released their second single "Lovit" a couple months back, and proved their formula for connecting glitchy electro with R&B to be successful. Filled with simplicity but unique in every way,  "Lovit" is a new twist on jazz that has caught quite the attention. Despite their mysterious two track discography, Marian Hill sheds a new light on their personality with the release of their debut music video for "Lovit." Fire, smoke, alcohol and a bed on the ocean sums up the track in three minutes. Director Charlie Pollinger pulls an artistic trip while simultaneously making sense of the duo's music. This release serves as a sweet reminder of Marian Hill's prospective future, and if you haven't experienced it yet, check the video out below.

Blues · Electronic · Hip-Hop


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