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7 Days of Funk - "Faden Away" [Video]

It seems as if the only person who's had no real issues changing animals is California's great Snoop Dogg. Transitioning from dog to Lion to apparently now a reptile like Snoopzilla, 7 days of Funk comprises of the Long Beach legend and Dam Funk, who, depending on who you talk to, is also a huge figure in the music world.

They've only released a little sample of what we can expect to see, and "Faden Away" was and is our first real taste. Reminiscent of Snoop during his straight hair days, when his bright coloured suits, pimp cane, and massive fur coats were flowing a-plenty, Dam Funk and Snoop Dogg have brought each other everything they need- Dam Funk deserves more exposure to a wider audience craving funk, and Snoop Dogg needed someone who could adequately return him to a medium separate from the reggae audience he can't quite capture for himself. 

The visuals for this track were released recently, and while it's not Snoop's highest budget music video, it didn't have to be. Keeping it simple, it feels like the best underground show anyone could ever be at. Hot women, check. Amazing music, check. Alcohol, (presumably) weed, check and check. It's not obvious that there is a camera around, and the people in the video feel natural. As Thursday slowly eases itself into Friday, and then Veteran's day weekend, I'll definitely be using this as a means to just relax and have fun. 

Their album is slated to drop December 10th via Stones Throw



7 Days of Funk

Faden Away

  • Stones Throw Records
  • November 5, 2013


Afro Funk · Hip-Hop


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