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Nick Nikon – underCOVERS EP [Premiere]

Toronto-based DJ, producer, and vocalist Nick Nikon has just released his new EP underCOVERS yesterday, featuring old school tracks “Put It On Me,” by Ja Rule, and “Cry Me A River,” by Justin Timberlake, and also adds an updated track “Bitch Don’t Kill My Vibe,” by Kendrick Lamar. Nikon has a fresh take on all three of these classics, and has produced electronically based R&B covers with laid back vibes, rhythms, and sensual vocals. His “Put It On Me,” cover is as different from the original Ja Rule track as it ever could be from the raspy, hip-hop riddled original, with a jazzy intro and a reverb effect on his smooth R&B vocals. Nikon’s take on “Cry Me A River,” pays homage to the Justin Timberlake coming of age classic, and he nails both JT’s vocal range, pitch, and rhythms in an exclusively Nick Nikon take. The underCOVERS EP version of “Bitch Don’t Kill My Vibe” has more soul and fewer blended vocals than the original, yet still charges ahead even without Sonnymoon vocalist Anna Wise. Nikon created this cover from a strictly male perspective, and has given it a more romantic touch. These stylings are standout aspects of the EP, and it is obvious in both the tone and execution that Nikon believes in the musical content he has created.

Electronic · R&B


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