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Bastille - "Of The Night" (Kove Remix)

Having been listening to Bastille, a pop alternative quartet hailing from London for close to a year now, I still consider them one of the most refreshing (and most-listened to) groups I've found during my time of searching for music in all corners of the web. So with that in mind, it's hard for me to enjoy remixes of their songs since I hold them in such high regard. However, I was set upon a magnificent remix by fellow British artist James Rockhill, aka Kove, who takes on Bastille's "Of The Night". Now you may recall the vocals from Other People's Heartache as it incorporates Snap!’s "Rhythm is a Dancer" and Corona’s "The Rhythm of the Night", but Kove re-imagines the song into a more vibrant, more uplifting, and more infectious dance hit.

Replete with warped vocal chorus segments, pounding piano notes, and shifting synths that ebb and rise at perfect moments, Kove's rendition is the very musical definition of "partying the night away." Having never heard of Kove (apologies James!), this remix was a great introduction into just what he's capable of; and scouring the rest of his Soundcloud page quickly reaffirms the talent that emanates profusely from his music. While Bastille's original take seems to be a bit more intimate, Kove lets loose and throws away all his inhibitions. And frankly, isn't that what we should do at times too? Because if we can't just let loose and let the rhythm of life just sweep us off our feet, then are we truly living? With a release date of November 18th, "Of The Night" is certain to be blaring from many a stereos during the night.



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