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Convaire - "Talk In Technicolour" [Video]

Full of happy vibes and wholesome beats, Australian indie-funk act, Convaire, grace the sound waves once again with their new song "Talk In Technicolour". Working as the group's first sampler to their full-length album destined for release next year, this track captures an artistic maturity denoting a new direction within their music.Whereas their former music stayed in the indie-electronic compass, "Talk In Technicolour" sees them incorporating a good disco sound that willll surely place them at the cusp of stardom.

A three-way blend between what can feel like Chromeo, Cut Copy, and Franz Ferdinand, the song's fiery mood is enough to get any dance floor going. The video itself rounds off the good time with a rural setting that includes a bit of motel Twister, champagne, pillow fights, and even some polaroid selfies. Sounds fun, right? We thought so too. Check out the video for yourself here and keep an eye out for more information on Convaire's upcoming album.




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