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Owl Eyes – "Golden Lies" (The Aston Shuffle Remix)

Although the glorious sun is waning on these stunning fall days, Australian house music duo The Aston Shuffle is bringing us a shining mix of fellow Aussie Owl Eyes' "Golden Lies" thats definitely radiating some heat. Last time we checked in with Owl Eyes, the budding songstress had just released her fourth single "Hurricane" from her debut album Nightswim. Since then, many of her infectious melodies have taken hold of listeners and caught the attention of DJs and producers alike. In fact, there's been enough stellar mixes from respected producers like Goldroom and Giraffage that Owl Eyes' has now released an entire EP aptly named Nightmixes.  While there are many fun sounds to lose yourself to, The Aston Shuffle, known as a "dance floor weapon" in Australia, has taken the beautifully delicate vocals for a walk on the line between ambient indie dance and deep down house. The duo's light and funky disco synths set up a nostalgic feel until they drop out, settling into a deeper beat with adjusted vocal samples that will ensure the dance floor gets a little dirty. Its definitely a golden track listeners will be soaking up.



Owl Eyes

"Golden Lies" (The Aston Shuffle Remix)

  • 2013-10-30
Electro Pop · House


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