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Jagwar Ma – "Let Her Go" (Jagwar's Yew Remix)

It’s Monday, and it’s for you to put yourself back together. This song is the song to make you remember the person you met in a packed club or a quiet bar. It’s jumping psych rock that’s perfect fuel for that early attraction. “Let Her Go” is from Jagwar Ma’s remix album of the same title. Jono Ma replaces the walking bass with a chugging synth. The small vocal loop repeating behind the lyrics is just one example of the perfect ornamentation. The tambourine work makes this remix a brilliant pastiche—nothing could be more exciting than surf rock and dance elements coming together.

Don’t let this one slip by you.


Jagwar Ma

"Let Her Go" (Jagwar's Yew Remix)

  • 10/24/13


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