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Justin Michael – "Young Forever" (Feat. Phillip LaRue)

Justin Michael is a dance producer hailing from the city of Los Angeles. He was born and raised as a rave kid, so naturally his own music palette would follow that line. His latest tune "Young Forever" features the vocals of Nashville native Phillip LaRue. Just has been developing his own style for years to standout out as a unique producer in the over abundant dance scene. What resulted is an addicting rocktronica style that is emphasized greatly in "Young Forever". It's a dance song with a killer guitar that somewhat reminds us of U2 along with Phillip's majestic singing. Sewed together with top-notch producing and banging beats, those ingredients create a euphoric anthem concoction that has an extremely high-repeat value. Who doesn't like a feel-good anthem? Even though the weather is slowly turning bitter, "Young Forever" still makes us want to roll our windows down and take on the world.

Stream Justin's craft below to lose yourself.



Dance · Electro House


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