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Oneman - Solitaire Vol. 2 [Mixtape]

A multi-genre wizard Oneman can just about flip any song into something current and unique, usually remixing amidst a set with songs such as "New Slaves", "Ayo Technology" and "Mercy" all having layers added to give them a different housey feel. When hitting the scene in 2006 he was known for his garage infused dubstep vibes he established himself with a halfstep rhythm that was more house infused and looser. Now a DJ for London based radio station, Rinse FM, Oneman looks to his past for inspiration taking on grime that he first heard from pirate radio stations in South London.

Breaching the gap between the Americas - UK club scene Oneman looks to Loefah, Jeremiah Jae and Eyedress to create a banging mix, Solitaire Vol. 2, that can be played all the way from Brixton to LA. Only a few DJs spring to mind when talking about almost complete genre versatility (Brodinski and Kaytranada are strong contenders), but Oneman includes tracks from grime artists, such as Rabit, and rap artist Lil Ugly Mane to create something that is more than a tad interesting. 

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