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Capital Cities - "Safe and Sound" (Mattanoll Remix) [Download]

Have you ever come across a remix so well done that you start contemplating whether or not you prefer it to the original? And then your head starts to race back and forth in bewilderment? Well, right here we have the Mattanoll remix of Capital Cities' "Safe and Sound", and this one's sure to make you think twice about one of the top hits on the radio right now.

The French producer completely guts the old instrumentation and introduces his own take on the track, blissfully adding light-yet-exciting synths to a perfectly complex drum arrangement and ensuring a double take on the original. There's not much to know about Mattanoll, besides the fact that most of his remixes are very funk-influenced and involve intricate uses of peculiar percussion, which helped lead me to a clear decision to spend a little extra time on his Soundcloud.

Of course, we would not expect any less funk from a French producer, nor can we complain by any means. Make sure you grab the download of the "Safe and Sound" remix today, and indulge in exploring Mattanoll. The French know what they're doing when it comes to good disco.

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