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The Hood Internet - "Over Your Head" (B.o.B. & 2Chainz x Chromeo) [Download]

It seems like it was only a couple days ago when Chromeo came out with Fancy Footwork, an album that personally got me through high school. Since then, Business Casual dropped in 2010, and they quickly rose to the status of funk gods, a rarity in the electronic music world of today. While they have remained relatively mum and scarce in releasing anything this year, a quick look at their instagram indicates that they have been spending the better portion of their year working on what will be their fourth studio album, White Women

It's finally October, and with it came the first single, "Over Your Shoulder," which couldn't be described better than their own personal term for their style, "Larry David Funk." It's neurotic and awkward, yet naughty in all the right ways. Paired with laughable lyrics and addictive hooks , lead singer Dave 1 got all the girls dropping their panties left and right. 

The Hood Internet managed to get their hands on the song, and while I'm a Chromeo purist who loves the originals unconditionally, the mashup is still pretty brilliant. It brings in additional help from B.o.B. and 2Chainz and their equally catchy hit, "Headband." The two songs together seems highly improbable, yet the Hood Internet seems to know how to make dreams into a reality. This is a piece funk lovers and hip hop heads can both agree on. Catchy and fun in the most creative way possible, what more could we ask for?

 [soundcloud url="https://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/115391094" width="100%" height="166" iframe="true" /]

Dance · Future Funk · Hip-Hop · Nu-disco


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