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Omega Crimson - The Gawd [Mixtape + Download]

A Bronx native but now based in Orlando, Florida. Omega Crimson's flow and sound will sit very well with those that enjoy intellectual, feel good hip hop. With a sound that can be compared to that of Los Angeles rapper Blu his recent release The Gawd is a concise project. Speaking on ignorance,war, and the responsibility we have as good humans to progress life and our ideal way of living. For this project Omega teamed up with a producer by the name of Backpack. It is refreshing to hear this take on rap from a new artist during a time when most seem to follow trends. Each track on The Gawd seems to have been birthed from an authentic place and is very easy to relatable. 

This was my first introduction to Omega Crimson, but I am happy with what I've heard so far. Check out the young Bronx native and stream songs from his project below. 

Download: Omega Crimson/ Backpack Beatz - SupremeAscension. (Higher.)

Download: Omega Crimson/ Backpack Beatz - SummerIsGone.

Download: Omega Crimson/ Backpack Beatz - PeaceGawd.



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