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Robotaki - "It's Still About You" (Feat. Hey Champ)

Canadian producer Robotaki has been progressively self-releasing tracks that will eventually be featured on a full EP that will be out in the near future. His most recent release, "It's Still About You" features vocals from the Chicago based group, Hey Champ. The track shows off the funkadelic side to both Robotaki's production and in Hey Champ's vocals. The tune will get you jazzed up right before the skillfully placed breaks ease you into Hey Champ's vocal layers. Robotaki has been sitting on this track for about a year, but listeners should know that he is still working actively on the production of the forthcoming EP release that "It's Still About You" will be featured on. After he gauges the response to this track's release, he may be inclined to release some additional tracks, so give the song a listen and let him know what you think.


"It's Still About You" (Feat. Hey Champ)

  • 2013-10-09
Dance · Electronic · Indie


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