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Earmilk Interview: Monsieur Adi

In case you haven't noticed, Monsieur Adi has been dominating the Internet, especially the Hype Machine charts, steadily over the past few months. The French house producer released his debut track featuring British songstress A*M*E titled "What's Going On," two months ago, but it's still going strong with Adi's accompanying visuals released this past week. The song is essentially an orchestral dance remix (if you can imagine what that sounds like) of Soul II Soul's "Back To Life" 1989 hit.

The producer is no stranger to perfecting remixes - he's just completed a remix for Two Door Cinema Club's track "Changing of the Seasons" and Tegan and Sara's stellar "I Was A Fool". Let's also not forget the upbeat dance rework of "Grown Woman" by Beyonce to add to his already impressive resume. Adi has also remixed tracks for the likes of Mikky Ekko, Ellie Goulding, Laura Mvula and more. Check out his new video for "What's Going On" below.

The 26 year-old artist took some time out from his international travels to discuss his Daft Punk influence, musical process, and recent meeting with legendary singer Seal

 First off, what's the story behind Monsieur Adi? 
I'm 26 and a former design student that somehow got wrapped up in the music world! I entered some remix contest several years ago and just stuck with it. It's very cool to be still around, but I do have much further to go, I think. 
Explain your work process. Is there a specific formula or method to making music?
My work process is pretty much based on how I feel. I usually just start with a melody on the piano and watch it blossom into a full song. It's all very organic to be honest.
 Tell us how you'd describe your sound.
I would describe it as emotional and cinematic, yet modern and sexy. I think it's my use of orchestration that gives it an edge.
 You've remixed quite a few big artists, like Tegan and Sar,a Laura Mvula, Ellie Goulding and more. How did those remixes come about?
It has been a snowball effect that started with Ellie Goulding and then it just started to roll faster, allowing me to work with more artists. It's fascinating!
 How does living in France influence your music?
Right now I am living in Minneapolis and it has influenced my music in a weird way. Being outside of the French scene has opened my mind and eyes to exploring music. I think it has matured me and my approach. Some great artists are here, I have learned - with the biggest being Prince. There's a certain energy here that makes me want to experiment with music so that's good. I don't think I will ever lose the French touch sound, though.
Aside from your surroundings, who or what are some of your influences?
Daft Punk, obviously - Björk, Justice, Mirwais, Rob Dougan, Vivaldi, and Mozart are just some of the artists that make up my musical DNA. Outside of the music world, creatives like Tom Ford, Riccardo Tisci, Zaha Hadid, Caravaggio, and Karl Lagerfeld inspire me a lot.
Now that you've brought them up -- you've been compared to Daft Punk quite often. Are they the ones who inspired your image?
They definitely inspire and influence a lot of my image and work. They are my idols! As I grow older, though, I have started to create my own image and style, I think. They will always be in my world, though.
 You've got the opportunity to work with anyone (alive). Who's your dream collaborator?
I really would love to be in a room with Daft Punk and Björk to see what we could create. I think it could be very nice. I am probably not needed in that room, though, haha.
 Name the last song that was stuck in your head.
It's kind of bad, but "Bandz A Make Her Dance" has been stuck in my head and I don't know why! Is that bad?
 Any musical guilty pleasure?
I'm too ashamed to disclose them, haha.
Craziest experience so far?
I would have to say the craziest and coolest experience is hanging out with Seal! Very surreal!
What's next for Monsieur Adi?
I am preparing to release several singles over the next months with an album to follow! I am very excited about it. Other than that, I have been writing with some artists as well as producing music for them. It's an area I have wanted to move into and it is finally here. I am very excited to share what I've been working on!
Any words for our readers?
Thanks so much for listening to the music! Every listen means a lot to me!
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