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Raleigh Ritchie - "Stay Inside" (Sumpunk Remix)

Another day, another UK artist to pop up on my music radar. While not much information is floating around on SumPunk, this London producer/remixer takes Raleigh Ritchie's emotionally smooth "Stay Inside" and flips it into a quicker, and bolder, tune. Injecting a combination of shrill upbeat notes with drum work that balances out the shrillness, SumPunk's remix has an air of grace oozing out of it as the seconds tick by. As Raleigh Ritchie's vocals prepare to blissfully sweep you away, the serenity is interrupted by blaring, and almost abrasive, notes that put you at attention. These vibrating synths breathe powerful life into "Stay Inside", while still preserving the polished soulful crooning of Raleigh's voice. As "Stay Inside" remixes continue to come out, A-Minor and Bear//Face have each respectively released one, the mystery that is SumPunk is sure to stand out for all the right reasons. So take a listen below, and grab a copy of Raleigh Ritchie's The Middle Child EP here.

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