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Shane Chubbz - "Holiday/Where I'm From" (Feat. DAP & Stan) [Video]

Pint glasses at the ready, here we have a double dose of pure concentrated talent from Nigerian/U.K rapper Shane Chubbz. The video is a combination of two tracks, “Holiday” and “Where I’m From”, directed by Maybach Music Group videographer, Jon J. As you’d expect, the visuals (shot in Miami) are flawless and depict the two very different stories that the respective tracks tell.

“Holiday” features long-term friend and Berklee College of Music graduate DAP, who is also credited with the production on the track. It sounds exactly like the title suggests; a gloriously laid-back daydream idealizing summer, its women, and the sweeter side of life. However, the carefree ambiance of “Holiday” is disrupted by way of a kidnapping, which marks the transition into the more reflective “Where I’m From”.

“Where I’m From”, produced by Hannibal King and featuring Creative Elevation’s Stan, drops you off on Nigerian soil, right at the core of Chubbz’ roots, unearthing the corruption, murder, and war that are the everyday in his native Las Gidi (Lagos). The overt use of subtitles and placards makes sure nothing is lost in translation or accent throughout, and rightly so. There’s an explicitly budding genius in this harrowingly pensive offering – and more importantly, in the person spitting it. With all the quotables of a Muhammad Ali outburst,  this carefully constructed record boasts a real message as well as lyrical skill: "Couple bomb flashes, couple plane crashes / Desensitized all we say is shit happens." Lyrics like this show Shane about to pull a John Travolta, ready to inject a Pulp Fiction style shot of adrenaline back into the heart of hip-hop – U.K and U.S.

You can also stream the track(s), which he has kindly offered as a free download, via his Soundcloud, or support them on iTunes. Keep your eyes peeled for the upcoming remix of “Holiday”, which Shane tipped to feature "a certain light skinned Chicago native” on his Twitter... place your bets. 

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7 years ago

where can I download his mixtape??