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Jordan Rakei - Franklin's Room [EP]

It seems like alternative r&b and soul has been making a slow comeback these days, and we couldn't happier. Jordan Rakei is from Brisbane, Australia and comes to us with a refreshing change in scenery. With his music tastes influenced by the likes of Stevie Wonder, Bob Marley, and James Blake, he is naturally geared towards that soulful side of life all the while blending multiple genres together.

His production of his songs are quite simplistic. There aren't any unnecessary effects or sounds to make them over the top. It's just not his style. Instead, he lets the power of his soulful vocals carry the weight along. Rakei has a very crisp execution to his work, which is showcased in his latest EP called Franklin's Room. It could be the fact that a clean, electric guitar speaks in reggae upstrokes. Or an acoustic piano that slowly flows in and out the song.  This EP was released on September 26 as a pay want you want type of deal. It's pretty tempting to punch in 0, but truthfully, the EP is definitely worth more than that. Stream some of our handpicked tunes from EP below. 

Play: Jordan Rakei - My Time

Play: Jordan Rakei - Selfish

Play: Jordan Rakei - Imagine


Reggae · Soul


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