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Morgan Visconti - "Can't Say Goodbye" [Video + Exclusive Download]

Some might say British singer-songwriter Morgan Visconti was born to make music; as the son of super producer Tony Visconti, who worked heavily with David Bowie on many projects including the glam rocker's famed "Berlin Trilogy," and Welsh folk singer Mary Hopkin, an early signee of the Beatles' Apple Records, a career peddling melodies seems almost inevitable. The young musician's sound is tagged as alternative electronic pop -- which I find fitting, and his voice is blissfully delicate, airy even. There is a certain subtle humanity to the songs he writes, and most of his music taps into raw emotions as opposed to projecting specific, distinct experiences with feeling.

Morgan made his first big splash last year with the song "Could You," which appeared in a rather emotional Dove advert. Now, the singer takes his next big stride with "Can't Say Goodbye," a low-key, measured, electronic jam from his forthcoming album, Ride. The record is as poignant as it is soothing, and Morgan's vocals (in conjunction with some additional harmonizing by Erin O'Connor) keep pace with the even, metronome-like tempo provided by the spacey production. "Stayed up all night / Searching for words to leave," the Brit sings, almost in a murmur. His undertone just narrowly avoids droning, which allows him to present the song's emotional lyrics in a rather understated way that seems to almost cross the border into apathy. But, as the song's lyrics suggest, there is still a connection there -- to the subject's dismay -- and the accompanying video takes the harrowing narrative to the next level.

Watch the video for "Can't Say Goodbye" below, and download an additional track, "When I Was Young," exclusively here at EARMILK. Morgan Visconti's album Ride is due out early next year. 

Download: Morgan Visconti - When I Was Young

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Morgan Visconti

"Can't Say Goodbye"

  • September 25, 2013
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