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Sean Kongery - "Paper" [Video]

Music producer doesn't seem to do LA upstart Sean Kongery justice. Multi-instrumentalist is a far greater fit, and you'll soon understand why. Kongery's style is about as organic as they come, yet, somehow the production manages to avoid being bogged down by all the baggage that typically comes with such a weighty word. When using "organic" to describe his sound, one might derive an association with earthy, warm tone. That isn't the case here. Instead, Kongery's music is organic in the sense that it is very fundamentally sound, but it doesn't feel old-fashioned in any way. This is his greatest strength as an artist: he has a rare mastery of music theory and he couples it with a commitment to excellence. When he takes that foundation and gets to bending genres, he's a menace.

Sean Kongery's new video, "Paper," directed and produced by Lake Effect Films, is a four minute short film scored by the music of the talented beatsmith, and the concept is almost as charming as the infectious riffs. The beat features a sample from Notorious B.I.G.'s "Dead Wrong," but the production is driven by a rather funky bassline. The visuals are clear and crisp, and Kongery is at the center of the narrative, amassing Monopoly money for his beatmaking skills right from his Macbook. But, instead of spending the money on himself, Kongery gives it to a down on his luck musician. How noble of him. Side Note: Listen up for the breakdown. It's sonic bliss. Check out the visuals for Sean Kongery's "Paper" below, and be on the lookout for more from the LA multi-instrumentalist soon.



Sean Kongery

"Paper" [Music Video]

  • September 16, 2013
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