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Dems - "Canvas World" (Feat. Claudie)

In the current industry climate a well-timed music release has more impact than an instantaneous one. The successful producers feed their audience tidbits to hold their interest and build hype for their albums on the spot. London based electronic trio and videographers Dems released new track “Canvas World" (Feat. Claudie) online yesterday. Trendsetter record label Killing Moon will re-release the official track on October 7th.  A predecessor to the trio’s free downloads “Desire” and “Christabel” released earlier in 2013, “Canvas World” is a mini tour de force, and a precursor to their debut album, to be released in early 2014 also via Killing Moon. With positively haunting lead vocals from newcomer Claudie, “Canvas World” is relevant to those with unfulfilled desires. Dems holds their music and visuals to a high standard of pure beauty, and if this is sustained we predict the complete album will be an electronic masterpiece. 

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