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Danny Brown - "Side A (Old)"

Danny Brown, the Detroit native and Fool’s Gold emcee looks to recapture the hype of his popular record XXX with the release of his new album Old on September 30th.  Fueled by an extremely unique approach, Brown has burst onto the scene with his bizarre mixtapes and videos.  His song “Grown Up” has accumulated over 3 million views to go along with the rest of his buzzing music.

“Side A (Old),” the title track of the album, reveals the nature of most of his rhymes, drugs.  Some may even argue his songs are drugs themselves.  Either way, Mr. XXX weights on the direction of the record, “they want that old Danny Brown, to bag up and sell a whole pound. Might have to go and get my braids back.  Matter of fact, go and bring them AK’s back.”

Love him or hate him, Danny Brown’s in your face screaming raps come with a lot of momentum in the rap game.  After all, he’s been at it for a while.  The 30-year-old rapper has his foot in the door and wants everyone to know that he’s a “vet in the game, first seed in the playoffs.” 

Also check out the mini trailer for Old.

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