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Kap Slap - 100K Bootleg Pack [Download + Giveaway]

We here at EARMILK love to see the growth an artist obtains in their fanbase, but more importantly the growth they achieve in terms of their talent. One such artist that I've been following/listening to since before my EARMILK days has achieved both aforementioned growth. Going by the name of Kap Slap, Jared Lucas has gone from being a talented mashup artist to a promising artist focusing on originals. Having honed his skills in combining musical elements, and in many cases vocal/instrumental samples, Jared has shown that he has a well tuned ear in putting just the right elements together, which in turn made his bootlegs perfect for any party playlist. Correspondingly, Jared has seen his fanbase recently surpass the 100,000 mark, a true cause for celebration that he is commemorating with free music and a Sol Republic Headphone giveaway (see below).

For the music, we're happy to support his latest bootleg pack that contains 8 bootlegs (5 can be heard below while all 8 can be downloaded here) that range in samples from Ellie Goulding, Fountains of Wayne, Paris & Simo, Zedd, Icona Pop, and many more. As has been his custom, the tracks are more centered on high-energy EDM tracks like Oliver's "MYB", Dada Life's "Feed The Dada", and Paris & Simo's "Tundra" while supported by a prominent vocal sample that amplifies that energy throughout. So if you're looking for a couple tracks to add to your party playlist, your cardio/workout playlist, or just plain enjoy high-energy songs, then don't sleep on this bootleg pack and, more importantly, don't forget the name Kap Slap.

[soundcloud url="http://api.soundcloud.com/playlists/10480085" params="" width=" 100%" height="450" iframe="true" /]

As an added bonus to this download, we've teamed up with Kap Slap to giveaway a pair of Sol Republic Tracks HD to a lucky fan. I personally had a pair of these headphones, and they sound and look great. All you need to do is enter via the Punchtab form below (if it doesn't appear, then refresh) and a winner will be selected on Sunday.

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