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Mike Mago - "The Show" (Acoustic Version) [Video Premiere]

When making music, an artist digs deep within himself to pull out creativity, sometimes coming in effortless and other times it takes everything to find the right combination of sound, words, range, instrumentation and circumstances. Let's just say this is a perfect combination of both. Mike Mago delves into the world of acoustics by taking a high energy dance record in "The Show", and turns it into a track that is suitable for any street corner, coffee-house and/or music spot on the map. He links up with a group of talented musicians in Frank Wienk (BINK), Dibbe Laarhoven, Joram Kroon (Prace), Bram Hakkens, and Emanuel Anning to piece this one together, and the way it transcends from the original is quite stunning. It is almost a total change of genre without losing the feel good vibe and strength of the initial offering. This is a mood changer, and if he is going to give you all he has, I suggest you do the same and don't waste another second hitting that play button.

Here's what Mike had to say about it. 

"One of the advantages of my studio is that it is placed in a complex with more studios used by a broad spectrum of musicians. So, it took very small effort to gather the right people for the acoustic version of ‘The Show’. Frank Wienk (also known as Bink (check his page for some amazing cover work)) and Dibbe Laarhoven also play in the infamous Kyteman Orchestra. Joram Kroon, who is also known as Prace, is not only a sublime pianist, but also a very talented producer. Bram Hakkens is probably the most famous Dutch drummer at the moment. The only person outside of the Kytopia studios is Emmanuel Anning, who is, as you can hear, a superb vocalist and also known for his appearances on The Voice live shows in Holland. Special thanks to Simon Akkermans for engineering the session and Arts the Beatdocter for filming and editing the clip. Stay tuned for more acoustic interpretations of my work, as I really enjoyed making this with everyone involved."

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