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Gentry - "Not Like Me" [Video Premiere]

 If you're in dire need for an 80's sounding song to celebrate the end of the work week, we've got you covered. Doused in glitter and  synth melodies, Gentry, the London born pop up and comer who's music is a striking balance of David Bowie & Prince, comes forth with "Not Like Me", a slick and catchy rock inspired track that captures the smooth vibes of the artist. Though his name might stem from the French term for a member of a high social class, he is completely humble in his efforts to get his music out to the masses. Shot in an and ultra cool predominantly black and white fashion, the video features shots of Gentry's multi talented musical ability on the guitar and keyboard in an upbeat manner. A track that blends late night dancing with a spectacular hook, "Not Like Me" excels with it's wise spread appeal regardless of what genres you may usually listen to. Be sure to watch the video down below and pick up the track when it comes out on October 11th.


80's · Indie · Pop


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