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Jungle - "The Heat"

On October 21, Jungle will be presenting us with their latest effort in the form of a new EP they are calling The Heat. Until recently, who exactly Jungle is has been somewhat of a mystery, but we've come to find out they are a duo of bad ass music makers, who have the ability to take somewhat of a jazz instrumentation and turn it into something that almost sits In a category of its own. "The Heat" is a song with an even tempo with a melancholy feel that boasts organs, sirens and vocals that the likes of someone like Cee-Lo Green would be proud of. You can almost see this one coming straight out of the soundtrack to a 70's blaxploitation film. Be on watch for the project when it releases. There buzz is really starting to pick up, and this track is going to do nothing but add to it.

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Chillwave · Downtempo · Electronic


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