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Everything Everything - "Don't Try" (Fenech-Soler White Version Remix) [Premiere]

The English indie dance quartet Fenech-Soler are known for their pop fused rhythms and sing-along melodies. Crafting soundscapes that veer between glam pop and funk-fueled electro, the band made up of Ben Duffy, Ross Duffy, Daniel Fenech-Soler and Andrew Lindsay typically bring listeners unique productions ready for the dance floors. That is, when they aren't peeling back layers and bringing fans raw minimalist "White Version" remixes.

Fans first heard Fenech-Soler's stripped down productions, with their White Versions EP in 2011 and now the foursome is scaling down Everything Everything's "Don't Try". Much like their fellow English counterparts, Everything Everything deliver an eclectic falsetto indie-pop output originally. ""Don't Try" is a great tune and was a pleasure to remix. The vocal is classic EE and it was good fun to give the song the "White Version" treatment and take it in a different direction. Arc is one of my favourite albums of the year. It's full of character and proper choruses and I can't wait to hear what the band does next,"  Andrew Lindsay said.

On the cusp on their own album release, Rituals, due out Sept 16, Fenech-Soler shows fans that less can be more with their take on "Don't Try" "Fenech-Soler confounded our expectations with this remix by producing a slower, contemplative take on "Don't Try". The sparse piano complements the vocal and the lyrical meaning brilliantly. We love it," Michael Spearman, Everything Everything.

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