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Limitless Recordings - Access [LP]

Liquid Musick started as a simple YouTube channel for upcoming drum n bass artists to reach more listeners. In just two short years, Liquid Musick has gained more than 35,000 subscribers and over 6 million views. With such success, the next logical step was to launch their own label, Limitless Recordings. After getting in touch with several upcoming talents, Liquid Musick presents the fruits of their labor in the form of Access LP via Limitless Recordings. Focusing on the liquid and soulful sounds of drum n bass, the 17 track LP features works from the freshest liquid drum n bass talents at the moment. Each track on ‘Access’ is unique on its own and it was incredibly difficult to choose just a few to write about but there were two tracks that I wanted to mention.

The opening track on ‘Access’ is ‘Tearing Me Apart’ by UK producer Hugh Hardie, featuring soulful vocals by Kyan Kuatois. According to Hugh, ‘Tearing Me Apart’ started as a long jam session on the piano to work out some non-obvious chords. Not a fan of entirely synthetic tracks, Hugh incorporated live instruments like the double bass in a nice solo at 0:31. 
"Rain Beyond the Sun" is an original by Dutch drum n bass duo NCT, which was later remixed with the help of 15 year old Slovakian artist Changing Faces. With the use of sweeping synths echoing under ethereal female vocals, "Rain Beyond the Sun Remix" truly captures the sentimental essence of liquid drum n bass. 
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Changing Faces
Changing Faces
7 years ago

Thanks a bunch for the post :) also, I am not 15 but 17 :D