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Gallant - "Sirens" [Exclusive Video Teaser]

Gallant is one of those artists who like to take their time with every release. He only has three official songs dropped into the wild, though he has already started gathering a decent size following. The Los Angeles based R&B/soul vocalist has the voice of a suave play-maker, which is duly noted in all three of his songs. His first song "Please? (Vignette)" quickly won our hearts and ever since we have been keeping close tabs on him. With the help of the producing prowess of Felix Snow, his musical presence is slowly but surely growing.

Today at EARMILK, we present to you an exclusive sneak peak of his upcoming tune called "Sirens". From the quick 30 seconds, it appears that his game is only becoming more refined with each song, and the beats continue to be fresh as ever. We can only speculate as to what "Sirens" will sound like as a whole, but until then, take a whiff below. 

R&B · Soul


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