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Maxine Ashley - "Glory Box" [Video]

English trip hop group Portishead is one of those groups that deserve a lot more praise , as it seems like a large portion of their work has been neglected by a lot of today's listeners (but don't worry, it's safe to say that their music is responsible for an increase in the general population if you catch my drift.)  Though most covers are simply a means of capitalizing on a pre-existing fans base, resulting in dozens of hopefuls vying for that big break but not really getting anywhere, Maxine Ashley's rendition of Portishead's "Glory Box" is not such the case, as it does the original justice.

By maintaining the atmospheric and somber tone of the original, the Bronx based artist breathes new life into the track with the use of her impressive vocal range. In addition to the superb energy behind the cover, the video beautifully captures the dynamic relationship between Ashley and her mate in a colour absent fashion until the final part of the video, allowing us to focus on the subjects and not be bothered with the objects around them. Watch the video down below and watch out for Ashley's upcoming EP, #MoodSwings, which will be released on September 17th



R&B · Soul


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8 years ago

“: #EARMILK : Maxine Ashley - "Glory Box" (Video) - http://t.co/1s0KNRn4XC @MaxineAshley” Thank you for this!! :)

8 years ago

Portishead cover? I need to hear this, but I can't see the video. :S