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BANKS – "This Is What It Feels Like" (Prod. Lil Silva & Jamie Woon)

Ever since BANKS' song “Waiting Game,” it’s been just that… a waiting game for her next big play. Well the wait is over, and we present to you the best 5 minutes of your Monday, because the latest track from the L.A. songstress, “This Is What It Feels Like” — feels, well, really damn good.

A starry soundscape backs BANKS’ velvety, ever-brooding vocals and the unexpected rhythms and supporting synth switch-ups propel the track forward. It’s daring, dramatic, and nothing short of deluxe. With the production prowess of Jamie Woon and Lil Silva, we're  left with a versatile, progressive and haunting piece — and our fingers poised over the "replay" button. 

Not surprisingly the sound is within the realms of what we’ve heard from The Weeknd – fitting considering they’re on tour together now. After listening to the latest from BANKS (and subsequently playing on a loop) you can also keep tabs on her via the links below. 

Ambient · Electronic · Electronica · Indie · Synth


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  • Fuck me. Brilliant. Just brilliant.

    Yashodan September 11, 2013 6:02 AM Reply

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