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Anoraak - "Morning Light" [Video]

Finally, we have a new track from French producer Frédéric Rivière, better known as Anoraak. The Drive craze seems to have subsided, and it’s time for some new 80s-inspired cruising tunes. Anoraak tends to have dreamy synth-filled tracks that fall somewhere on the spectrum between disco and new wave. “Morning Light,” from his forthcoming album, leans more on the new wave side of things. The result holds the exact retro synths and energy to keep us going through the night. There’s no main objective at this point in the night, but we’re still in a race against the sunrise.

The video features French skateboarder, Julien Bechet, cruising the streets of Paris all night until morning. Filmed by Ben Chadourne, the simple concept is the perfect visual pairing. Look for Anoraak’s new album, Chronotropic, available October 21 on Grand Blanc.

Chillout · Electro Pop · New Wave · Pop · Synth Pop


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