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Eric Sharp - "Sharp Cuts" [EP]

Have you been craving a truly unique electronic sound? Then you may want to take a listen to Eric Sharp's new EP Sharp Cuts which was released September 3rd on NYC based label Win Records.This West Coast DJ/Producer is not shy about stepping out and pushing limits, "You can either set trends or follow them. Choose your own adventure" Sharp recently tweeted. We agree, as we chose to peep Sharp's latest adventurous collaborations.

The EP begins with "Time Drips" featuring Aussie Anna Lunoe, who adds her distinct vocals to a very interesting alternation of rumblings and a tickling beat. "Time Drips" is wonderfully unexpected, beginning as a slow drip and then, with the addition of more elements to the song, becomes a beautiful cascade. After feeling time drip a bit, Sharp gives us the dreamlike "Surrender Dorothy" featuring the delicate vocals from Daisy O'Dell. Sharp adds a myriad of sounds to create a trippy, dancing in the desert vibe. Then, it's on to "Never Was Enough" by Eric Sharp & Give In Featuring Siouxsie Black, who delivers her words with passion, while the heavy dance beat is turned all the way up. Overall, the EP demonstrates Sharp's innate understanding of house music while never becoming just another one in the ever expanding sea. 

eric sharp ep

Eric Sharp

Time Drips

  • Win Records
  • 03-09-2013
Dance · Deep House · House


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