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Dom Kennedy - "South Central Love" [Video]

Dom Kennedy's mixtapes have become a staple in  hip hop. He releases one almost every year and somehow has figured out a way to constantly elevate his craft to greater heights. Yellow Tape, his release from last year, was a delightful departure from his usual sound. Instead of sticking only to his very impressive traditional hip hop roots, he added some pop sounds and created a number really catchy hooks. Kennedy put together a well done piece of art.

Unfortunately, this past summer, Kennedy did not release a new mixtape. Thankfully, he didn't leave fans empty handed. He announced that his new mixtape, Get Home Safely, would be released on October 1, 2013.  Even better, today he dropped off a visual for his latest single: "South Central Love".

Kennedy has a knack for creating really summery smooth tracks that can be played at any outdoor function. It's probably too close to fall, in New York, to fire up the grill, but this song makes me want to. This is Dom Kennedy's ode to females and love. While that sounds like a corny, played out, soft theme, Kennedy has a way of making laidback and cool tracks out of any topic. Instead of a nervous wreck of man displaying his love from a cowardly distance, we see Kennedy keeping his cool while chatting up and eventually falling for a beautiful woman in L.A.

Dom Kennedy's Get Home Safely drops next month and if this video is an example of things to come--I'm excited. Tell us what you think below.


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