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Moby - "The Perfect Life" (Feat. Wayne Coyne) [Music Video]

If you didn't have the urge to hang out with Moby before, his newest music video will definitely make you have a change of heart. The official video for "The Perfect Life" was released Wednesday and features Pittsburgh native, Wayne Coyne of Flaming Lips fame. Moby and Wayne Coyne had a very odd casting call wish list for their “Perfect Life” music video shoot. They were looking for “eight roller-skating ghosts,” ”12 goth choir members,” “S&M gimp rhythmic gymnast”,” “2 obese bearded bikers in red speedos,” “a punk rock brass brand,” and “a drunk king: guy with beard age 35-50.” This offbeat cast of characters, along with Moby and Wayne Coyne dressed up as mariachis roaming the city of angels, creates a videogenic spectacle. “Perfect Life” marks the return of Moby’s trademark curious music video style.

Moby and Wayne Coyne make for an intriguing pair. Their voices are fused with singing from backup vocalists, to create an ample choir-like sound. “Perfect Life” has a very positive quality to it, which makes for a very fitting end of summer anthem. Moby has enlisted the talents of producer Mike “Spike” Stent to work on Innocents, he’s first album release since Destroyed, released in 2011. Stent has worked with many different artists from Massive Attack to Madonna. The combination of these artists at work should make for some memorable tunes. “Perfect Life” will be on Moby’s forthcoming album Innocents, available for purchase on October 1st courtesy of Mute Records. 

Moby remarks, “Wayne Coyne and I ended up doing a duet on ‘The Perfect Life’: we sing the choruses together, and then go back and forth on the verses. Wayne and I first met in 1995, when The Flaming Lips and I were both opening up for a Red Hot Chili Peppers’ European tour. We became friends, shared a dressing room and the same bad craft services, and watched the Chili Peppers from the side of the stage. I thought of Wayne for this song because The Flaming Lips have evolved in this very open, celebratory band when they play live, and that was the perfect vibe for what I was imagining for ‘The Perfect Life.’ I texted Wayne and said, ‘Hey, I have a song – want to sing on it?’ Thirty seconds later, he texted me back: ‘Yes, send it to me, it will be great.”

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