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EARMILK's 100K Celebration [Producer Giveaway]

Here at Earmilk we dedicate ourselves not only to finding the latest and greatest, but also to helping foster that talent through opening set competitions, remix contests, and gear giveaways like today's. Now that you've seen our general giveaway with prizes tailored to any and all Earmilk fans, we're going to move into a special set of freebies for all the producers out there.  Of course we really do ask that only DJ/producers enter these drawings, and winners will need to show proof of their dedication to this labor of love (we'll be checking Facebook, Twitter, and your Soundcloud/Bandcamp or other hosting sites).  Point that budding artist in our direction, they could win big with prizes from Native Instruments, DJ Tech Tools, and Plugin Alliance, and you may win a new friend. Look below and enter today!

Native Instruments
Maschine Mikro / Traktor Kontrol Z1 / Traktor Kontrol S2

One of the world’s biggest purveyors of DJ and production equipment, Native Instruments has grown into a household name within most any digital music circle. Their line of hardware and software, which spans Komplete to Traktor, and Kontrol, to Maschine, meets veterans’ stringent needs, while still being accessible to less experienced players.

The Traktor Kontrol Z1 is one of the newest controllers from Native Instruments,  constructed to be used with PC and Mac computers, as well as iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad through the iOS app. It has two channels along with a crossfader and a four-channel audio interface, which makes the ultra-portable equipment perfect for the artist on the go. At this rate,  DJing with iPads and possibly iPhones may become the norm for any serious disc jockey.

Stepping it up a notch, the Traktor Kontrol S2 brings a real touch to the art of DJing with two jog wheels, packaged alongside your mixer and FX controls. The S2 comes from the same team that created the S4, therefore inherently building intuition into the design on top of premium features, like 30 effects, live looping, and music library integration.

Finally, the Maschine Mikro delivers unrivaled all-in-one production right to your fingertips, with over 6GB of sounds and 23 effects right from the get go. Not to mention that once you’ve won the sound and color customized, 16-pad controller for free, you have a store of expansions for purchase that can give your tracks even further depth. And for all of their equipment, Native Instruments continues to update and improve software, so you’re always at the forefront of digital music’s evolution. Many will enter below. Few will win.

Enter to Win a Maschine Mikro

Enter to Win a Traktor Kontrol Z1 

Enter to Win a Traktor Kontrol S2

 Native Instruments · Maschine on Facebook · Traktor on Facebook

Plugin Alliance
All Bundle

In a competitive world where crafting your unique sound can be the one thing that separates you from thousands of other producers, getting the equipment to do that can be an expensive feat for many young artists. But today we're giving away one of Plugin Alliance’s All Bundles, which contains a laundry list of software from their prestigious partners, like Brainworx, SPL, and Vertigo. A package like this can take care of your mastering, equalizing, and processing needs and normally costs around $2,400 (almost double that if sold separately). Enter today and soon you could be producing high quality, innovative sounds just like the pros.

Enter To Win Plugin Alliance's All Bundle

Plugin Alliance · Plugin Alliance on Facebook

DJ Tech Tools
Midi Fighter Spectra

Though the midi pad has been around for almost three decades now, the crucial instrument to producers and performers alike continues to hold its ground. Most recently the young Frenchman, Madeon, brought renewed fame to the iconic equipment, after his live mashup video “Pop Culture” went viral a few years back. From DJ Tech Tools, founded by Ean Golden who has also helped devise some of Native Instruments' equipment, we are giving away one Midi Fighter Spectra. Now functionality and style come in one package, as the Spectra relies on 16 SANWA arcade buttons, the same ones you'd find over on the old Marvel vs. Capcom machine. The ultra-responsive controller leverages easy-to-use mappings and packs, and comes handmade directly from DJ Tech Tools in San Francisco.

Enter to Win a Midi Fighter Spectra

 DJ Tech Tools · DJ Tech Tools on Facebook


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green ink
green ink
7 years ago

wtf?! I won this giveaway and still did not hear anything from Earmilks side!! why are giveaways even done if then the prizes are never send to the winner?! I hope to hear from responsible person asap!