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Kobosil - - ----- [EP]

After a premier remix for Barker & Baumecker’s “Silo” which placed him on the club radar early this year, it didn't take long before native Berliner, Kobosil, came forth with a 12” Hardwax exclusive EP peculiarly labeled  -------. Enclosed are four mind-veering tracks full of impulse, experimenting, and distinction. After allowing time to digest the magic found between the needle and the groove, Kobosil delivers - -----, another marvel of bold techno issued under Ostgut Ton’s already emergent sub-label, Unterton.

“Contact” opens up to a portal of acidic tones and drums that help pattern a hollow nature of cutting edge techno. Persisting through an evolving range of sounds, the candid shifts make up a stimulating and thoroughly settled recital. Answering back with much justification is “Aggregate”, which indeed displays a heavy sound equally weighed by the individual elements that square off and come together to make up the rhapsodic essence of the track. This is definitely one of those tracks set to captivate an entire room into a hypnotic measure.

<strong>Stream:</strong> <strong>Kobosil</strong> - Aggregate</a></p>

“Osmium” marks a transitory swing as it gets into your head and unveils a raw and beating dose of propelling techno hard to turn away from. Things come to a substantial halt with the closing track, “Herschel”. Endeavoring into an equally elated and cosmic range of space, the temporal flourishing expresses a tense development with a resolve that finishes off an experience of beatific moods and zones.

<strong>Stream:</strong><strong>Kobosil</strong> - Herschel</a></p>

The clear work of an ardent producer already steering (what we know to be) techno into a new direction, Kobosil solidifies his imprint with another great release you should check out. Now available in both 12” and digital formats, be sure to enjoy yourself with this one!



- -----

  • Unterton
  • 09-02-2013


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