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Brodinski - Gimme Back the Night (Feat. Theophilus London) [EP]

This summer saw the rise of France's dance scene onto the international platform, and one label, Bromance Records, has spearheaded much of the movement. Its label head Louis Brodinski, has been going full throttle, with constant tour dates and a steady outpour of remixes and tracks, as well as backing unique projects, such as Illangelo's debut History of Man

He's back in the spotlight once again with "Gimme Back the Night," the 11th Bromance release, which puts him this time in a collaboration with Theophilus London. The two have worked together before, but not quite like this. It puts London on the vocals singing about a girl named Diana, set over Brodinski's bass heavy 4x4 beat. It's dark, sexy, and provocative... essentially the tenets Bromance has based itself around since the beginning. It did take me a couple of listens, but once the song is understood, it's a guaranteed show stopper in a set; this put together with Brodinski's signature breakdown, and wallah, the man has brought yet another hit for the masses. It's amazing to have seen him go this far since his days making more minimal tracks like "Oblivion." 

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Brodinski is currently all over the place with a set in New York at the Fool's Gold Tent at Electric Zoo and another stop in Texas. Besides this, word is he's finally working on an album, but that seems to be in its early stages still. This EP, including the club version, will be out on September 3rd.




Gimme Back the Night (Bromance 11)

  • Bromance Records
  • September 3, 2013


Dance · Tech House


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