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Sonnymoon - "Every Summer Night" [Music Video]

Known for their eccentric soundscapes and powerful, ethereal vocals, Sonnymoon recently collaborated with directors Adi Putra and Carlos Landa to create a deep-seated visual concept for their single “Every Summer Night,” off of the duo’s self-titled debut LP. In it we find vocalist Anna Wise, as the protagonist in an uncanny music video set in a small, desolate desert town rife with puritanical hatred.

The scene opens with a haunted Wise, who sits apart from the town’s residents in a field of desert tumbleweeds as a sullen boy tears down the dirt road towards a cadre of men on a dilapidated porch. He approaches the sinister group, who, galvanized by his whispers blindfolds Wise and binds her hands. Wise’s convincing, and spine chilling croon cuts in, and the tensions in the track are palpable.

Bandmate Dane Orr’s simple, eerie electro acoustics flow smoothly with the horror of Wises’ capture and execution. Her calm and authoritative narrative belies her terror at the events, witnessed by the silent Puritan-esque town.  The alarming music video is a snapshot of our tendency to scapegoat an individual, proof that Sonnymoon’s signature unearthly soundscapes and visuals can get gritty. 

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