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Sid Batham - The One With The Gun [Official Video Premiere]

Never did we think that lyrics about “holding a gun” could have the power to seduce...

But twenty-two-year-old London musician Sid Batham proves that he can say anything and sound soulful and silky smooth, as exemplified on his latest track “The One With The Gun”.  With a sound reminiscent of Robin Thicke, he proves that age is just a number and that the kings of pop have a successor to the throne. The song is also so deliciously nineties, with soaring vocals over a power ballad snare, and do we hear a tambourine in there somewhere?

To further drive home his point that he can play with the big boys, the video for the single cameos some of our favorite leading men (e.g., Bruce Willis, Kurt Russell, John Travolta), adding even more of a swoon-factor to the song.  

He was also plucked from relative obscurity by one of our favorites, Cyril Hahn, who has sampled his vocals from Sid's own forthcoming single "All Lies" on his latest track "Raw Cut". We don’t need a gun to our heads to attest that Sid Batham is on par with pop culture’s elite. His debut single comes out in September, but in the meantime you can score a free DL here. We foresee/hope for many amazing remixes of this in the future, so DJs please hop-to it.   


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