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Jay Worthy - "I Do This" (Feat. Alexander Spit)

Juggling life in both Vancouver and Compton, rapper Jay Worthy gathers inspiration from his surroundings, and the juxtaposition of these settings really sparked my interest. His flow can be described as extremely laid back - the epitome of west coast relaxation. Opting to rap over 70s style instrumentals reminiscent of what would be playing in a pimps Cadillac. 

His latest song "I do This" features another westcoast rapper by the name of Alexander Spit. The two combine to give this song an interesting feel. Production credit is courtesy of Sean House who he previously joined forces with for his London Drugs EP.

One thing that many don't know is that Jay Worthy is Grimes's 1/2 brother! You'd never guess but it's true, they haven't worked on any music yet but it would be a really crazy combination of styles. Listen to "I do this" below and enjoy your day.





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