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Breen - Say What You Want [EP Premiere]

Upon first listen, I didn't know what to think of Breen, the 20-year old singer-songwriter who combines elements of funk, electronica, down tempo, and slow jams into the amalgamation that is Say What You Want, but after a few playbacks, this eclectic mix of genres has got me hooked and wanting more. Where the British musician, also known as Matt Lamb, comes though is his ability to mesh the aforementioned genres into something entirely different. 

Beginning the title track, which exudes feelings of isolationism and showcases Breen's vocal range with the impressive falsetto during the start of the track, is a fantastic precursor into his bitter, yet uplifting lyricism coupled with some otherwise upbeat instrumentals. "Twisted," a track that will surely have you hitting the repeat button with it's infectious grooves, is one that deserves to be played during a late night drive. Where this track is very moody , "Kicking Back," is quite the opposite, featuring a funky, 80's west coast vibe and a well place guitar solo that all fits together so well.

Capping off the EP is "Through," a track that is best enjoyed with a pint of ice cream and a couple of romantic comedies. The song is a nice departure from the previous styles and would be cool to hear as an unplugged version. But enough talk, give it a listen down below and vibe with the sounds of Breen before he becomes a big deal.

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Say What You Want

  • August 8, 2013


Downtempo · Indie · Pop · Rock


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