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Midas Touch - "Special Vibe" (Prod. By Blackmale Beats) [Video]

Rap fiends take note, this is the pure stuff. The triumphant production on this track is the handy work of Blackmale Beats, who provides the horns, strings and soulful sample demanding of only the rawest, innate and diverse flow in order to do it justice.

Hip-hop trio Midas Touch are a refreshing reminder of that old-but-golden style of hip-hop that, at times, can seem all but forgotten. Thankfully, acts like this South East London collective and Detroit three-piece Clear Soul Forces continue to fly the flag and show that above all the hype, the YouTube views, and the press, the rhyme takes precedence.

Staying true to their label name and apparent ethos, the Less Is More Music representers are certainly making themselves at home in the U.K. scene, attracting support from highly-regarded taste makers like SoulCulture, Respect Magazine and SBTV. “Special Vibe”, the follow-up to “We Are” (video featured above), reinforces the track's title and attaches a great deal of promise to England’s newly emerging renaissance men.

Check out the video for “Special Vibe” below. They have also kindly provided a download of the track via the Less is More SoundCloud.

It’s fairly simple: if you consider yourself a real hip-hop head, then consider yourself a Midas Touch fan. A while a back, chef Gordon Ramsay spearheaded a "Campaign For Real Gravy" that urged people to dump the market impostors (granules) and get back to the real stuff. Think of this as a "Campaign for Real Hip Hop": go forth and get behind it. 

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