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Madeon - "Technicolor"

Hugo Pierre Leclerq may still be a teenager, but his reputation in the dance spectrum far excels his years. Under the Madeon name, he has put together a laundry list of accomplishments, most notably as the first DJ/producer to ever take the stage at The New York Stock Exchange. After his well-received 2012 EP The City, Madeon is back with a new single, "Technicolor", released on his own imprint popcultur. Not surprisingly, it's a full-sounding, hard-hitting, melody-driven piece of electro house, with arpeggios from across the electronic kaleidoscope adding some light-hearted fun to the track. The mid-section is warm enough to be a lullaby, but with some white noise builds and a drum crash that packs a punch, Madeon pulls away the downtempo veil only to reveal the dance floor again. 

The accompanying teaser video that first hinted at the track undoubtedly shows Madeon's coming of age. What started as a YouTube sensation is now a recognized prodigy with the performance skills to back his stellar production. It's a clear sign that in the wildly dynamic world of dance music, Madeon's few years of experience and deep musical background will root him as a veteran before long. Tracks like "Technicolor" only strengthen that argument.





  • popcultur
  • August 3, 2013

Electro House · Progressive


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