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Bass Kleph - Back to Funk [EP]

At the age of 15, Bass Kleph (aka Stu Tyson) was touring Australia & New Zealand as a drummer for Loki, a three-piece rock act. Touring and playing live music at such a young age provided him with a great deal of insight into making crowds move. Playing in a rock band also gave him a great deal of insight into what he always felt was missing from live band shows: electronic instruments like synths or drum machines. It was 12 years ago when Bass Kleph came to fruition, focusing on DJing and creating a new form of music that contrasted greatly from rock but still included the fundamental elements that live instruments bring to the table.

Bass Kleph has been honing in on playing live venues in recent years, but with his July 29th release of Back to Funk he's bringing us back to the groovy roots of music from home. The original mix dropping with Germany's Great Stuff Records tastefully intertwines horn samples, vocal samples, & synth. Bass Kleph takes us on a danceable journey with a disco feel at the foundation of the track. It's clear he has a firm understanding of the history of music, as he often finds a way to mix today's electronic dance music trend with old school style.

Beyond releasing his own original tracks & playing live venues internationally, BK has been collaborating with international talent like Wolfgang GartnerMorgan Page, and Mowgli. Bass Kleph also started an iTunes podcast series we urge you to check out: "Klephtomania" (click here to subscribe). Despite the large name he's made for himself, including repping labels like Vacation and Exit Row, he still maintains a humble "Aussie" approach to life. So there you have it: the man does it all. From original tracks to collaborations, starting labels, playing live venues, and having a podcast series, life doesn't get much busier (or satisfying for a man with many talents) than that.

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