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Steve Silk Hurley - "Jack Your Body" (Doorly Club Rub)

If there are things that have had 2013 be their "year," it's the iconic house label Toolroom Records. Celebrating its tenth year of operation, Toolroom has been releasing curated records throughout this year that have been picked out with a fine-toothed comb. Modern, tech house and deep house centered, but avant garde in their reflection of the times, tracks like Mark Knight's "Ten" have brought the deeper side of underground house to the forefront of the mainstream. Fueled by the recent acceptance and encouragement of the "let loose" sentiment that has always been apart of house music culture, we can say that the phrase "Jack Your Body" is not a new one, but has become more definitive than ever of our current musical taste.

Today we're really reminded of where that phrase "Jack Your Body" originally came from, with an updated re-release of the track of the same name that paved the way for the public's first ever exposure to house music in the post-disco era where it began. Originally a hit from the mid 1980s by the now Grammy-nominated Chicago house pioneer Steve Silk Hurley, "Jack Your Body" was the first chart topping house hit ever (yes, EVER). Now updated and remixed to fit current tastes by Doorly, it's quite an homage to people like Hurley who set the stage for so many others, and a perfect next release for Toolroom celebrating its impact on history.

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Steve Silk Hurley

Jack Your Body (Doorly Dub Rub)

  • Toolroom Records
  • 7/24/2013
Tech House


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