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Nick Höppner - "Red Hook Soil"

Serving as label manager for the Ostgut Ton imprint and simultaneously regarded as one of the more exciting DJ acts at the label’s headquarters at Berghain in Berlin, Nick Höppner has come through with one of the more memorable releases I’ve heard in a while. The three-track EP titled Red Hook Soil delves into a multi-dimensional realm of sound that fits with his traditional taste-making creations. However, it is the track title “Red Hook Soil” that truly captures a particular spirit which, indeed, has me hooked.

Stream: Nick Hoppner - Red Hook Soil

“Red Hook Soil” starts off fresh as Höppner revisits that ever warming 90’s house vibe that establishes itself as the chosen layer of coating for the song. The soft and finesse feel amplifies as he introduces more industrial (and almost unexpected) elements that deftly streamline their way into the song in its latter portion. The reverbed teardrop effects, those spooky bursts of chords, and that jagged melody found in the song’s center point,all come together to create a swift and modern Panorama Bar ambience. Perfect as a dance floor warm up or even a midday lounge, the unconventional characteristics of this song serve as a testament to Höppner’s wide range in production.

Out now on both digital and physical platforms, make sure to check out the rest of  Höppner’s Red Hook Soil EP, guaranteed to keep you engaged from beginning to end. Also, for those who wish to catch him behind the decks, summer sees him playing events like Trouw in Amsterdam along with London’s Bussey Building. Don’t sleep on that!


Nick Höppner

"Red Hook Soil"

  • Ostgut Ton
  • 2013-07-22
Dance · Techno


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