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Icona Pop - "All Night"

Swedish DJ duo Icona Pop first caught everyone's attention in the summer of 2012 with the release of the impossibly catchy single "I Love It." The song found the Scandinavian twosome shouting in unison crashing cars into bridges, throwing shit down the stairs and generally not giving a fuck about anything, and loving it. Evidently, a lot of people were able to relate to the carefree sentiment expressed on "I Love It" as the song has become an international super-hit, almost unavoidable in any nightlife circuit. Over a year following its release, the song still sounds fresh as Icona Pop prepare to release their debut full length This Is... Icona Pop on September 24. The album will feature "I Love It" as well as latest single "All Night." The new single showcases the couple revisiting the familiar formula of "I Love It" with their sing-shout vocal delivery resonating over buzzed-out synths and a thumping bassline. Caroline Hjelt and Aino Jawo are apparently still having a lot of fun a year after their breakout single.


icona pop

Icona Pop

"All Night"



  • Record Company Ten/BIg Beat
  • September 24, 2013


Electro Pop · Pop


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7 years ago

Super pop-ish